High tech toys are My favorite. Flogging is way too much work. I want you to go to the stockroom dot com and buy the newest gadget, it’s only about $45.00 and it is called “The Rimulator”. It is an ass sucker and an automatic rimming device. The e-stim pulsator attaches to a pad that you put between your ass cheeks which is perfect under clothes.

On a given day, you are ordered to affix the pad and carry around the remote control as you go shopping. The remote control will adjust in intensity from mild tickle to a concentrated sucking intense enough to bring you to an anal orgasm. I want only the intense setting on this day. Think “lab rat”.

In the morning you will call Me for instruction before you go out. Most likely I will instruct you to use full intensity whenever you see a hot female , over 5’8″ , with blonde hair. Someone like Myself. This will condition you to think about Me for pain and pleasure. Should you live in such a place that has brunette women mostly, you will be instructed in that direction. This time you will use your imagination. you will focus always on Me. After your shopping, you will come home and access the slideshow pictures I have provided for you with this program. For 3 hours straight you will run the slide show and use various settings on the e-stim remote. At this point you will be stroking “My” cock to various edges but not cumming. This will be a one week program. You will shop in various areas about your town, and you will come home and repeat the slide show series, still not cumming. After one week is finished, you will call Me for permission to cum. Keep in mind I have the final say if you cum or not.

For domination sessions with Ms Cassandra call 800-601-6975