It’s electrosex if you havent explored it. Violet Wands, Tens , Folsum, Eros Tek, The Rimulator, yes, all of these. Im not expecting you to buy a 600.00 Violet Wand kit, or even the new Eros Tek which is quite expensive too. I’m telling you to buy the beginners stim unit at Extreme Restraints along with the cock bands. Also I want you to buy the electric paddle. All of this should be around 200.00. Now dig deep into your wallet and buy these. I will tell you what to do.

When the goodies come, read all of the instructions before proceeding paying close attention to never use these above the waist. The only safe electro above the waist is a Violet Wand. Dont go any further if you have a pacemaker, just dont do this assignment at all. Wrap from the waist down to the knees in saran wrap so you begin to sweat, enhancing the stim pad electric shock. you will have 4 pads with the unit, and you will cut around the saran wrap to afix these pads to both thighs. If you have the cock bands , put them on wiring it up. After you are wired pick up the lectric paddle and give Me 12 of the best on your sweet spot. This should warm you up to electroplay. Now you will begin to experiment with different settings on the box. By now you are sweating and getting the full benefit of electro play with a stim box. DO NOT stop until every combination is done and the cock has been stimulated with electro. Remove all pads and saran wrap and give Me 12 more of the best. Good boy.

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