Get on your knees when you are in my presence you dumb fucking stroker slave. I know what you have been doing behind my back. Did you really think that I would not find out? You thought you could sneak around and not be caught? Well, no one sneaks around in my presence without getting caught and consequently being punished for his actions. I’m not talking about a little slap on your fucking wrist either; I am talking hard, painful punishment. Now, go get a nice big frying pan and put it on the stove. Turn the stove on high. You better be on your hands and knees the entire time. And say “yes Ma’am” when you address me you fucking pathetic idiot.
Now, pull your pants down. And don’t even think about stroking that pathetic piece of meat in between your legs. I think that has caused you enough trouble already; hasn’t it? Make sure that pan is very, very hot. You better control that fucking erection because I do NOT want to see it. You are to spank youself 20 times on EACH ass cheek while counting and saying “Thank you Ma’am” for each stroke. After you finish on the right side, you will put the pan back on the stove for three minutes so that it can warm back up. During this time and only during this time will you be able to stroke that cock. Since we are in the kitchen though and I like to stroke with lube you will get some olive oil and rub it on your cock while you stroke. Only going to the edge; you are not allowed to cum for me. After three minutes pick that hot frying pan back up and give yourself 20 more smacks on your left ass cheek. You will not disobey me again, will you?

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