Your Mistress of Madness is back to give you the cbt (cock and ball torture) workout of a life time. Now this session will be for those of you at the intermediate to advanced level. Beginners may try a few of the less intimidating portions of this session to get you off to a good start.Today you will need a flogger, (braided works best) cock ring, vicks vapour rub, clothes pins (ten should be good) and parachute with weights. Start with the flogger and smack those balls twenty times on each one. Very good grunt! Next I want you to put on the cock ring and get your clothespins. I want four clothespins on each side of your dick and one on each nut. Now begin twisting those clothespins until you are really feeling the pain/pleasure of it all. Now remove the two clothespins from your balls and place one on each nipple. Begin twisting for the next two minutes, do not disappoint me, do the entire time. Now pick up the flogger and stand up. This is where it gets really exciting (newbies you may want to sit this one out.) With the flogger I want you to one by one whip those clothespins right off your dick. Do not cheat and remove by hand or you will be one sorry bitch! Once completed you will attach parachute with weights and walk around the room for the next five minutes. Follow that up with two minutes of jumping jacks and those balls will really be feeling the wrath of your instructor. If you have followed these instructions to the letter you may remove cock ring, nipple clamps, parachute and weights. Grap the vicks vapour rub and smooth allover that cock, this is your lube of the day. You may have ten minutes of stroking time than click my message below. Drill Sergeant Mistress Ashley has spoken!!!

For domination sessions with Ms Ashley call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)