I hear your voice on the phone. Why are you breathing so heavy? Take your hands off of that fucking cock now. You then tell me that you did. You are a liar. I can hear you beating your pecker off so fast that you are trying to start a fire with it.  You have a masturbation problem.  So that is why I decided to put you through chastity training to fix that.  You do not listen to me properly.  This will teach you to behave though.  I am your Mistress.  I own you.

Go get your chastity device now and put it on.  Turn your webcam so I can watch you.  I want to make sure you are doing what I tell you.  I make you lock up your cock in the CB-6000.   I wrote down the serial numbers to the padlock.  You then sealed the keys away in an envelope ready to be shipped to me.  Now that the masturbation problem is taken care of let us move to the next step.

Go grab your dildo I made you buy.  Yes you heard me.  I don’t care if it’s really big.  Now, lube it up.  Spread our legs wide open and slide the tip of that dildo into your ass hole.  Slide it in there slowly.   I am feeling such pleasure as you tell me how much it hurts.  You managed to get just the head in.  I made you get a 6 inch dildo for a reason.  You slowly worked it all the way in there.  The pain started to subside.

Sit on it and imagine it is my strap on.  Do it hard and fast.  I know you can not stop yourself.  You can beg all you want but I am not taking the chastity device off.  Chastity Training and Strap On Training go together very well.

Call Phone Sex Femdom Sarah 1-800-356-6169 for Cock Locked Training.