We brought the pet to edge over and over again. My friend’s husband was helpless under our control. He has endured over 4 hours of bondage, masturbation humiliation, tease and denial, and very soon would understand what orgasm denial really is. Allow me to catch everyone up with my tale of the Tease and Denial Weekend. My friend’s husband fantasized about being in bondage in front of a group of woman who are fully dressed and then we would do all sorts of cock teasing torture to him. This torture of course is involving some pain, stroking him until he gets close to orgasm then not letting him have one, and a lot of giggling. The laughter of course is very honest just like the humiliating comments thrown at this bitch. He is a bitch.

This bitch in bondage cried for the last 2 hours of his bondage experience. He kept screaming that he should have been careful what he wished for. The worst part is he also kept confessing as I pinched his nipples hard to get the truth out of him that he actually loved this. It’s hard to act on our darker fantasies, but it is even tougher to accept that we enjoy experiencing the reality of this darkness. Men are so used to being in control or expected to be more dominant. It is a very dramatic and freeing experience. I got to pop this bitches submissive cherry with his wife.

When I untied the bitch he fell to his knees without even having to be ordered to do so. His lips started to kiss the floor as he begged to be kept in his place from now on.

He confessed, “Thank you! Thank you! You are right. I am a pathetic fuck. I masturbate all the time. I have no right being in the presence of women pretending to be something I am not. I am a pathetic fuck who wants to be abused by you please.”

He confessed many of his true submissive desires. The tears in his eyes that were filled with shame was now turning into tears of joy.

I am now training my friend on how to dominate her husband. She is very interested in chastity training her bitch of a husband. That is a whole other story though. Isn’t it?

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