The continuation of my story will not be for today my pets. Today is all about the pleasure I get in the way you boy toys serve me. I have not shared some of my experiences lately with you about my sessions. Now, my office scene role play boy toy keeps coming back for more. Sometimes we role my fantasies and sometimes his. So, my office role play boy toy wanted more cfnm, tease and denial, and some hard core discipline. It’s important for my special boy toy to get details. Detail is important for you and myself. This is why my boy toy and I understand each other so well. He’s addicted to 2 Mistress Sessions of course. We often do this after we spent quite a bit of time on the phone with each other. I do love to share him with other Mistresses once he’s pleased me to my satisfaction. I know that we gave the boy toy major blue balls.

So the other day my treat with him was he got to meet my new boss. My new boss at the office is Mistress Natalie. She maybe younger than I but her power brings many men to their knees. Mistress Natalie has a very sensual voice like mine. We also both enjoy tease and denial to the point of addiction. When Mistress Natalie and I started talking she confessed that she had been wanting to meet me for sometime now. So this was a special treat for us both.

The beginning of the session with the three of us was a getting to know each other. I allowed my boy toy to speak with Mistress Natalie on a personal level. I wanted to make sure his connection to her was not being ruined by any over bearing behaviour from me. This was my boy toy’s treat. He got to watch as Mistress Natalie and I played with each other.

We made him confess all sorts of naughty secrets. He begged to be allowed to fuck me over and over. We both could not stop giggling. Then Mistress Natalie showed the slut how to really fuck a woman. I put her strap on harness on for her. Then Mistress Natalie bent me over her desk and I must say that I am in lust.

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