You say you have a little cock. All these years you thought your wife was satisfied by it.  She was never satisfied with it.  She even cheated on you on the night of your honey moon with your best friend.  All these years she’s been fucking him.  His cock is such a big nice fat one.  When he slides it in her it makes her scream and crave for more.  When you slide it in she has to ask you if it’s in yet.  You are a cuckold.  It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.  A small penis loser like you will never satisfy a woman with that tooth pick even on one of your best days.  Sorry, but a man should not have to wear a strap on in order to satisfy his wife.  I heard that’s what you have to do in order for her to cum.  You are good giving oral at least.  How far will you go to keep your wife.  Would you even suck a cock?  You will be expected to suck your wife’s lover’s cock.  He is your best friend after all.  He knows about your little problem.  You are such a bitch crying like a little sissy on your knees.  This is your cuckold training.  So fucking do as you are told.

I just adore small penis humiliation especially when it is involved in cuckold training.

Your tears and pain are for my pleasure.

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