Attention Stroker Sluts! I’m Empress Lauren, but you’ll address me as Ma’am. Tonight, your assignment will be Pantyhose Training. What’s that, you ask? Simple. You’ll learn to enjoy the feel of nylons on your legs, your ass and that pathetic sissy stick you call a prick. You’ll need a two pairs of pantyhose, get a good brand like Leggs. Look on the chart on the back and note your natural size. Get one pair size smaller so they’ll fit more snuggly. Get the other pair in your natural size. You’ll also need some lubricant, a pair of scissors and if you’re up to it, a camera so you might share your joy with me.

When you take out your treasures, unfold them gently and treat them with care. Rub them all over your body. Notice how soft and tempting they feel against your skin. If you’re too hairy then trim down your leg hair or better yet, shave it completely. Do the same on any area where hair desensitizes you to the sensation of the pantyhose. Now file your feet down if they are rough. Dry, cracked skin on your feet can shorten the useful life of your pantyhose considerably. All ready? Good.

Now lube up your cock and fantasize about a long legged woman in front of you encased in nylon. You can’t stop staring. Now you’ll understand exactly what she feels like when she slides them on. Take the smaller pair and get ready to have some fun. Sit down and slide them up one leg at a time. Pull the crotch up over your lubricated cock. Now rub yourself through the fabric until you’re near the edge. Back off… it’s not time for that, slut. Edge yourself five times while you’re covered in nylon.

Now take the scissors and free your cock by cutting a small hole in the front. Make it big enough for your cock to slip through. Leave your balls inside. Good. Now stroke your bare cock to the edge slowly. Good boy. Does it feel good? I knew it would… now take a pic of yourself, horny and straining. You may send it to me, your Mistress or anyone else you like… or just save it for you. Stroke some more, back to the edge with you… five more times. Pull the bigger pair up over the first now. Then click below to find out if an orgasm is due… or not, lol.

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