I have a regular caller who read an entry I wrote in my blog on ruined orgasms.  He expressed a great interest in this subject and wanted to experience it first hand.  This of course was something he had thought about for several months before he finally confessed to me.  I got it out of him as he begged for his orgasm.  I felt like he was holding back information I could torture him with.  After 2 weeks of orgasm denial he was on his knees in tears from my torturous cock teasing.  I love it when a man is so easy to break.  I punished him by holding back but listened to his confession.  I denied the pleasure of this experience for the time being.  He called me again this week.  He has to get what he calls his “Mistress Sarah Fix” every week or he has withdrawals.  I decided to oblige the stroker boy’s fantasy.

His journey to a ruined orgasm began with begging to touch himself.  I am a Bitch who demands your obedience.  He is a good slave who does as he is told.  After about 30 minutes of constantly switching back and forth between slow and fast strokes I finally allowed him to have his first edge.  I made my slut edge 12 times until I decided to let him fulfill his fantasy.

Here comes the ruined orgasm.  I didn’t ruin the moment by saying what I was planning.  I allowed him to think he was going to get to cum after what is now his third week of orgasm denial.

“You can cum now.  Let it go!  Let it go!  Cum now!”  I demanded but then right when he started to cum I ordered, “Stop cumming now.  Stop it!”

He begged back, “No, please no.  Don’t do this to me.  Oh my God this is so hard.  I only squirted a bit and had to stop myself mid stream of orgasm.  I have never had that happen before.  Oh my God!”

Well, you get the picture.  He could not believe how much that effected him.  Ruined orgasms do suck for you but it is such a sweet melody of tease and denial training for your Mistress Sarah.  He immediately realized how much of a mind fuck it is.

Ruined Orgasms Training will bring you to your knees.

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