I got to watch my close girl friend tease her husband beyond belief this weekend.  When I say tease I mean torture beyond belief.  He still has blue balls.  He confessed to her that he wanted to be tied up in bondage and have women who are fully dressed tease his dick.  I talk about my job as a Phone Sex Mistress quite a bit with his wife who is a close friend of mine.  He heard me talk about different fetishes and realized there is a name for one of his most desired fantasies.  The name of that fantasy which finally came true is clothed female naked male or CFNM.  He wanted to be giggled at and humiliated beyond belief.  He even fantasized about being made to cry.

It was 3 of us women watching him as his wife was ready to play with her toy.  She lubed up her hand and started to tease his cock.  She grabbed it really tight as she stroked it slowly up and down.  His dick was rock hard as he stripped but the stroking made those veins pop out.  It was apparent he was completely helpless whether he was tied up or not.  He was tied up though so more fun for us.  I got up close to my girl friend and kissed her in front of her husband as she stroked his dick.  He gasped with moans of agony.  Those moans are such delicious agony.

Want to find out what happened next my pet?  Well then you’ll just have to check my blog later tomorrow night when I finish the sharing what I did this weekend.

I do love giving men blue balls.

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