Attention Wankers! You’ll need more than just your bulging boner for your training today. We are taking a trip to the grocery. If you live in an area where there is fresh produce, find a store that sells nice fat fingers of ginger root. They call it fingers because the root looks like a hand. When you take your first glance, it seems so inoffensive, so innocent. Keep dreaming little recruit. Ginger root is about to change your view of the world!

Take it home and peel it, shape it with a narrow tip going wider, wider down, then at the base, cut in sharply but not so sharp it becomes fragile. Does it look familiar? It should. It’s shaped just like a buttplug and this edible asstoy is the stuff dreams (and quite possibly nightmares!) are made of. Take the unused, unpeeled portion and place it in the veggie section of your fridge. As it ages it becomes more potent… but that is for another time. Soak your ginger plug in plain water while you prepare.

Now go get some towels, some q-tips and a strap or toy to spank or flog yourself. If you have a cock ring, tighten it down around your prick and sack. Now take a qtip and dip it into the water your new toy has been soaking in. Slowly insert the wet tip inside your peehole. Ever so gently fuck your piss slut until you feel an aching burn. Before you lose your courage, you filthy little coward, take the ginger plug and insert it dry into your sissy hole. You shouldn’t use lube, it decreases the effectiveness. Now wiggle and ache and burn. If you have a strap, paddle, flogger or cane, begin punishing your burning ass with it. You’ll notice when you clench to decrease the pain of your toy, the ginger plug will cause the tender flesh inside your anus to burn and throb.

Not only that, the ginger water in your peehole makes it almost impossible to clench either your pelvic muscles or your hips. When you clench to bring on your orgasm, you feel the ginger burn. But without clenching, how can you possibly cum at all? Do you see the wicked delima I’ve created for you? How badly do you want to cum? Do you deserve to or should I leave you horny and begging. Oh, and I forgot to tell you… the ginger has an added effect of increasing your feelings of calm submission, making you even more susecptible to the power of the suggestion I’ve left for you when you click the link below…

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Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

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