Today is your lucky day my pet and a very special one indeed. What makes this day so unique? The fact that today I am going to bestow upon you two of the highest honours in a slaves life. I know you are wondering to yourself just what could they be? Well don’t rack your slave brain too hard, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself (that is best left up to me.) The first honour is that I will collar you today. Thats right, I have customized your very own collar with “Ashley’s Pet” written boldly for all the world to see. Crawl to me on your hands and knees so I may fasten it around your neck. You will wear it proudly my pet! Now to show your appreciation to me you will kiss my beautiful ass! Thats it, nice little slave kisses filled with adoration and admiration. The next honour you are about to receive will remain with you through eternity. I have you wondering again now don’t I? What could it be you ask yourself over and over again. Well wonder no more, today I will be branding you. Thats right, you will wear my unique mark across your ass “Property of Mistress Ashley.” Naturally pain will be involved but you understand that and face my branding iron bravely. I love hearing the sizzle as it sears into your flesh, don’t move a muscle as upon completion it must be flawless. This you will wear as a badge of honour proving your devotion to me. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling slaveboy, to truly belong?

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