Kneel… kneel now slave boy. When I enter the room you shut your mouth, lower your eyes and drop to your knees.

You think your training has been hard so far? Well I think you’ve had it far too easy for far too long.

Today you are going to learn how to kneel properly before a woman.

You start by doing exactly as I just told you. All women are your superiors… and when your superior enters the room, you stop whatever it is you’re doing… lower your eyes to the floor… and drop to your knees.

Your hands rest at your sides… you have no need of them until you are ordered to do something, so keep them there, palms inward.

You straighten your back and shoulders… make your posture as proper and clean as possible… and you lower your head so your chin touches your chest. If we want to see your face, we will either lift it or tell you to raise your chin… until then you assume nothing and point your face down.

If you are told to look up, you avoid direct eye contact. A slave has no right to look a woman in the face unless directly told to, and even then something as insignificant as you should be clearly uncomfortable when gazing upon your betters.

You drop your ass down and spread your legs wide… as wide as possible and then wider… presenting your cock for inspection. If you have clothes on you still assume this position of respect and sexual deference.

If you are a sex slave you may well be told to display an erection for our amusement. You will do so upon command and if you don’t get fully hard fast enough, you will probably be kicked between your legs to teach you to obey faster. Practice this… erection is to be as close to immediate as possible.

You may also be told to masturbate when in this position. You will do so no matter where you are or who is watching… and you will stop when told, and cum when ordered to.

You remain absolutely silent when kneeling before a woman… not a single word do you speak unless you are spoken to. And when you respond you answer quickly and politely, with no wasted words.

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