Femdom Sarah is expressing her poetic perspective of a submissive male. It is as follows my pets.

Be true to yourself and be true to others. You are submissive. It is not in your nature to be dominant in the presence of women. So on your knees you crawl to the woman you adore. You worship her with intent to please only her. This moment in time is imprinted in your memory with fine detail. You pay close attention to every touch, taste, and sensation felt between your Goddess and you. This sub will treat every moment like it could be his last. For this Goddess is but a dream. She has to be. You showed your devotion with body worship and paid close attention to ass worship. From this Angel’s reaction you felt her enjoyment of your talents for kissing ass.

Were my creative thoughts expressed well? Did you feel as though I was able to truly understand the submissive male’s perspective? I look upon the submissive male not just through the eyes of a predator but also the heart of a poet. Passion is an intense form of expression but it can be even more beautiful when turned into poetry. I believe that there is more to passion than just simple sexual relations between people. Poetry is similar to the diversity of women. Each are beautiful and unique. Even a slight imperfection can make a women that much more astounding.

Here is my own creative passionate thoughts when I put a man in his place.

A man is most beautiful when he is broken.

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