You think that everyone went home.  You think you are alone at the office now.  You were listening to my audios and reading through my blog this whole week.  You stroked every day this week on your lunch break.  You could not work through that mind block no matter how hard you tried though.  You had to call me to get release.  You were unable to cum without my permission.  Your sexual desire has grown into an addictive obsession.  You were breathing very heavy from the start when I answered the phone.   You truly desired some heavy tease and denial.  You tried to mislead me at first by requesting a guided masturbation session.  I knew better though.  I can see into your soul my stroker slut.

I played along for a bit by taking firm control of you with my sensuous voice.  You’ve heard my voice before by listening to my audios.  Hearing me speak directly to you though is even better.  I ordered you to ask me to take charge of your cock the correct way.  You do not tell me to control you stroker slut.  You beg and plead with every ounce of your being to even be allowed to touch yourself in my presence.  You eventually gave in then proceeded to beg to be teased and denied.  The sexual teasing fun begins now that your helplessness is shining through.

You maybe in charge of your own life how ever you do not need to fake it with me.  You called me because I am a Femdom.  You wanted a sensual but very strict Mistress to take charge of your stroking.  You wanted an orgasm but wanted it only if I saw fit.  I will prey upon your weaknesses to my hearts desire.  You pleaded that I let you cum eventually how ever you’ve been a very naughty boy.  You confessed how naughty you were at work this whole week.  I know about your obsession with me.

After about an hour of masturbation with constant edges I finally told you that you could cum.  Right when you started to cum I then ordered you to stop stroking.  You were made to take your hands off of your cock.  How horrible that you had a ruined orgasm.  You could not believe how humiliated you felt.  You finally realized my power.

You even called me back the next day to find out what new mind fuck I’d have for you next.  You are addicted to this horny misery.

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