Phone Sex Domination at it’s best!

I wanted to give a particular thank you to all of my special boy toys who sent me get well soon emails and made appointments with me as soon as I was able to come back to work.  You are specular and I hope the Mistresses you called while I was away gave you some extra teasing for me.  Two of my brand new chastity training slaves will be getting out of lock up this week.  Since they were so sweet I sent them a special photo and audio dedicated just to them.  I will be taking calls during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday so you stroker sluts who like to call me while at the office get your special guided masturbation from yours truly once again.  I do so enjoy the extreme masturbation humiliation that I put you all through.  There is one in particular that I love making him stand in front of his desk butt naked while masturbating.  He loves the thrill of possibly being caught.  I don’t ruin the moment by reminding him that his office door is unlocked.

This weekend I am the mood for a cock teasing contest.  I want to see who can stroke the longest on the phone with me and not cum.  My record thus far with a boy toy is a 5 1/2 hour session of stroking and hard core orgasm denial.

I did have one chastity slave of mine tell me that he’s going with another Mistress.  Well, he was very sweet while I had him.  My former chastity slave bought me a great gift and payed his naughty boy taxes like a good boy.  He honestly needed someone a lot softer in the Domination department.  I am not very well known for being the gentle type when it comes to cock locking.  Perhaps he learned his lesson with me and understood that communication is the key.  I wish my former boy toy all the best of luck.  Go get them tiger and your new Mistress is awesome.

I don’t give away all of my secrets.  Now, this one secret I will tell you.  I am not fucking Mother Teresa.  So get over it.  There I feel better now.

I am a very versatile Mistress how ever I am very high maintenance.  I expect my boy toys to jump through hoops when I want them too.  Some of my boy toys call me up and do what ever I want.  It’s about my desires.  You will do what I want.  That is why you were put on this Earth.  You are meant to serve me.  I own you.  Beyond a reasonable doubt I can show you what female superiority means.  There is more to being a Femdom than reading a fucking book.

I was thinking about running a contest for the most pitiful cock of cock control.  I get a lot of callers who are into small penis humiliation and love getting on web cam for me during a session.  So I was thinking that the smallest and most pitiful cock I get to see on web cam during a session can win the prize as the most pitiful cock of cock control.  You have been judged by Mistress Sarah.  I am a sadist.

Call Mistress Sarah to be trained and broken 1-800-356-6169