Your cock, body, mind, and soul have been taken over by someone who knows what to do with them! That’s right, Mistress Ashley is the Goddess that will save you from yourself! You have been longing to be dominated for longer than you can remember and today you can thank your lucky stars that you have found your way to me!

Todays assignment is cbt (cock & ball torture) you will have to go on a scavenger hunt for me. I want you to locate the following items. A hairbrush, shoelace, candle, dildo (if you don’t have one find a reasonable facsimile) some lube, and nipple clamps (clothespins work well too.)

The first thing I want you to do is bind that cock with the shoelace, wrap it around good and tight, stop just under the head. Now take the other end and tie it to your balls. Excellent, now PULL!! Hurts so good doesn’t it? Continue pulling for the next 2 minutes. Now pick up that hairbrush and spank those balls! You can spank harder that that “Do It” lol your intense pain brings me pleasure. You may light the candle, when its drippy I want three drips across the head and two on each nut. Now two on each nipple, you may now apply the nipple clamps.

Well what do you know, there may be hope for you. I am going to reward you slaveboy and permit you to lick my heels. They are 5″ stilleto heels, black and yummy, aren’t they? On your knees now and begin licking them, tell me how you are not even worthy enough to lick my souls!

Now grab that dildo and smear your pussy ass with the lube. No mercy now PUSH, thats it fuck that ass good and hard for me! Understand this, if you do make a mess allover yourself you will lick it up, Mistress Ashley has spoken!

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