Get your fat ass the hell up now… move it shithead… I don’t have time to waste on slow moving slave boys so get your butt in gear or these thigh high boots are going thigh high up your ass.

So you think you’re a slave and you want to a dominatrix to serve. Well isn’t that cute. “You think” and “you want”. Get this clear…no one cares what you think, and they sure as hell don’t give a fuck about what you want. Get that through your head right now… because if you don’t you’re in for one hell of a painful reality check.

Pain? Yeah… I saw the look in your eyes when I said that. Pain caught your attention, didn’t it? Did your tiny brain just put things together, and now you’ve realized I’m not just carrying this whip for the fuck of it?

No, don‘t look down now… take a good look at it… eyes on the whip, boy. See how it uncoils so smoothly, almost as if it were alive. That’s 5 feet of braided leather… and with it, I can paint your body with such lovely red strokes. I have no doubt you’re going to feel its kiss very soon… and I can’t wait to let it taste your flesh.

Now get down on your knees… head to the ground, butt in the air, chest low, elbows in the dirt… and kiss the tips of my boots. Keep doing it until I tell you to stop… and while you’re down there, lick them clean. I want a spit shine on the leather, and your mouth better do it perfectly.

This is just your introduction, bitch… you have a long, hard road ahead of you. You’re going to learn the real meaning of submission… and its not about what you want. It’s about you doing as I please… to perfection.

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