I have boy toy who wants to do Chastity Training.  Now, let me explain a bit about him.  He just purchased his chastity device and has only worn it for about an hour.  He has it fitted just right and is ready to under go his cock locked torture.  I told him that he needed to slow down because this takes more than just jumping in.  If I chastised every knuckle head who private messaged me and called me then I’d have over 10,000 key sets in my collection.  I interview you first to make sure you will take this seriously.  If you do not comply with my rules then it really is a waste of time for both of us.

Most Chastity Slaves run away and even more of those that run away never return.  They drop off of the face of the Earth in my Domination world because they get scared or what ever the reason maybe.

So, we spoke for awhile till I finally agreed to train this slut.  I made him admit to me that his cock controls his life.

“What are your goals by doing Chastity Training?  Why do you need this?”

Those are some examples of the questions I asked of him.  He will be wearing his chastity device for 2 days for the first time and will be calling me tonight to be released.  I warned him though that for every minute he is late in calling me then I will add on another day to his sentence.  It is a waste of my time unless you are willing to be trained with the strict discipline which I inflict upon you.

Now, let me share a brilliant idea that I thought some of you Chastity Training beginners might enjoy.  I make my beginner slaves mail their keys to themselves.   I told you it was brilliant.  You will not have access to those keys for at least 2 to 3 days.  Freezing the keys are fine but that only lasts for a few hours.  I wanted something definite but also would help you realize what it’s like to have no control.

If you are interested in taking your next step in extreme orgasm denial training then just give me a call.  You are also welcome to suggest my mailing of the key to yourself to another Mistress of your choosing if you wish.

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