I am Mistress Cassandra and you will perform CBT (cock and ball torture) for Me with common household items. Before you gather up these items, you will go online and order a chastity device for the future assignments that I will demand of you.
Find rubber bands, clothes pins, a cord , ben gay (tabasco or toothpaste will do), condoms, a kitchen spatula, a bread board, or anything you have to torture this cock that I will own for this session. I do not use qtips or any other insertables. If you would like to use qtips, do so at your own risk.
First you will stroke My cock to full hard on. You will look at My picture and fantasize about the Goddess you will never have. Now that My cock is hard and precumming, you will tie the cord very tightly from the back of the balls to the base of the cock. Make a tight bow. Now you will take clothespins and line the back of the cock all the way up to that nice little sensitive nub under the head. Take clothespins , 3, and put them on My balls. If My cock is going soft this means you are too whimpy for this assignment and should move on to basic cock control and orgasm denial. If this cock is getting harder than ever, proceed with rubber bands being snapped the whole length of the shaft and the balls. Clothespins should stay on twenty mins, in the meantime massage the head of My cock with the toothpaste or tabasco. Enjoy the burn. It is for Me and I enjoy it, watching you suffer for Me. On the 20th minute, slap the clothespins off with the spatula, one by one if you can, but they all must be removed harshly from the cock and balls. When you regain conciousness, add the substance to the condom , get on your knees, stroke My cock to orgasm chanting the mantra “Mistress always wins” over and over as you gaze at My picture. After you blast in the condom, bon appetite..I hope you used tabasco.

For domination sessions with Ms Cassandra call 800-601-6975