So I was sitting in the chat room today discussing chastity training.  I think all sissies should be in chastity.  If you wish to be a girl then you best learn how to take it like a girl.  A sissy is made to please others.  Your extreme orgasm denial will ensure the success of your place as a proper sissy.  No getting high and mighty is allowed in my presence little lady.  You will never know the true pleasure of your submissive girly nature until you take it in your little cunt like a good little slut for me.

Anal training or what I like to call penetrating your sissy pussy is slow at first.  I will gradually work your way up to bigger and better toys.  It won’t be the first time when I take things slow and I get a call back from a sissy saying they took it all in on their own.  The horniness will drive you to do better.  The more relaxed you are the easier this will be.  Also never forget your lubrication so that the toys insert nice and easy into my little sissy slut’s cunt.

I dare you to try it.  Get a chastity device and try it.  The great thing is that directions come with the fucking box.  Now that you got it I’ll take care of the rest.  What we will do first is get you ready for your first week of chastity training.  Previously you were accustomed to some sort of sissy guided masturbation

weren’t you?   Not anymore my pet.  That is a thing of the past.  It will happen a lot less that you get to touch that clit of yours.  We’ll start off training you to wear it for a week at a time.  Your desperation and devotion will kick in like never before.  How delicious your horny agony is.

The chastity device will also ensure that my sissy sits down to use the facilities like a proper lady.  No more going while standing up bitch!

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