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It started off as you thinking you were so in control of the whole relationship between us.  Little did you know but I was hunting you.  I know your one weakness.  You have a foot worship fetish.  You go weak in the knees and start to drool every time you think about it.  All I have to do is dangle my shoe off of my foot just like this and you are completely under my control.

I hand cuffed you to the bed.  I over powered you.   I sat on your stomach just like this.  I put a foot right by your mouth.  I wiggled my perfectly painted toe nails right by your mouth.  I didn’t let you suck on any though.  I kept laughing at you as you tried to order me to listen to your sorry ass.  As if you ever had any control to begin with you pathetic fuck.  I made you beg to obey me always.  You tried to resist then gave in willfully to my wishes.

I’ll keep putting a toe or two into your mouth to let you suck on them.  They are painted red.  We both know how much you love bright red toe nails.  I let you suck then pull it out and laugh at you again while you beg in agony from the denial.

You tried to turn the tables on me by saying that if I released you from those hand cuffs I would not being able to control you so.  I proved you wrong.  For all I had to do was wiggle my pretty toes at you and you fell to your knees forth with. Oh, that’s right my pet.  You are my foot worship slave and you just can not help yourself.  Can you?