Happy Valentines Day!  Call Phone Sex 1-800-356-6169

Most of my calls for Valentines Day were my sweet boy toys calling me up to say they loved me.  Well, they were thinking of me quite a bit.  So, which part of you have I touched?  I touch men’s hearts, soul, mind, cocks, and wallets.  Instead of this being all about me I want to also share what you boy toys touch inside of me.

What my boy toys do for Masturbatrix Sarah!

  • You spark the inspiration that influences many of my stories.
  • Sometimes a client will share a similar fantasy of mine which will fuel the passionate imagination even more.
  • A secret I will share.  Sometimes I lose faith in men and have sometimes considered the male sex to be hopeless.  My job has given me faith in men again.  I understand completely that men are hopeless romantics also.  You are thoughtful, caring, and very attentive.
  • My boy toys have given me a great big ego.
  • I am very High Maintenance and you do not mind this.
  • I am a great listener but this job has helped me to become a better person.
  • You make my job the best job I could ever have in my life.
  • I look forward to everyday of getting calls from boy toys just like you.
  • I can now say that I have hundreds of men thinking about me and wanting to serve me till the end of time.

Today I will be taking calls from 6pm EST until early morning the next day.  If my phone keeps on ringing then I will keep taking calls.  I thank all of your sweet emails and messages I have received wishing me a Happy Valentines Day today.

I love the new lay out of my blog.  I was very stressed at my blog being messed up and lost all of the necessary things in order to make it run more smoothly.  You know how it is.  Work, work, work piles up over time.  So, it took me a short while but I found this theme which is nice and simple.  I do not need all the extra glitter and glamour to present myself as a Classy Lady.

So, today I started taking calls around 9 am EST and my first caller was a Coerced Bi boy toy.  He confessed to me that he sucked a cock.  He has a girl friend and does not want her to find out.  I giggled at him.  I love the idea of black mailing him into being my personal boy toy.  He must keep sucking cock for me.  He is calling me again this weekend.  My cock sucking queer still has his slutty ad up in Craigslist seeking more cock to suck.  Boy toy closet faggot has only 1 cock he has sucked this week.  So, go out and suck more fag.

What are you waiting for?  Call  for a Guided Masturbation session now.  1-800-356-6169