It is late at night and you are all alone. You take off your masculine attire and hop into a nice bubble bath. All of your stress and worries melt away. Shave your legs and under arms then rub that sweet smelling lavender body lotion all over your body. Your skin feels so soft and smooth. All the while you think of your beautiful Masturbatrix Sarah. You call me on the phone asking for Sissification Guided Masturbation. My little sissy Patricia is so sweet with her cute little ass wagging for me to control her completely. She is wearing those cute pink lacy panties and white thigh high stockings just for me.

Now my little sissy slut I want you to rub your pretty little ass for me. Now, spank it for me. Rub it nice and slow my pet. That’s a good girl. Is that surprise in your panties aching to be rubbed. Rub your pretty little sissy ass some more. Now, smack it again for me two times. Oh that is such a good girl I tell you.

Your little teeny weeny clitty is so hard and throbbing now isn’t it. I make you grab your vibrator next. Before you are allowed to turn it on I order you down to your knees Bitch. Now suck it like you mean it. Prove to me that you want this stuck up your little sissy cunt. Do it now.

Now, many of you readers out there probably wonder why I called this sissy cock a teeny weeny clitty.  Well, read between the lines my pets.  It means my sissy whore has a teeny weenie penis.  Well, what little penis there is between the sissy’s legs.  So of course the sissy cunt gets off on small penis humiliation.  If she didn’t then her little clitty wouldn’t get so hard when I make fun of it.

Keep begging my pets.  I am not going to let you play with it just yet.  I want to torture you slowly.  You know that your place is being kept horny at all times and ready to please me when I see fit.

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