Guided Masturbation Mistress

I got a private message from a man who wanted sensual and very creative guided masturbation last night while I was in the Erotic Chat Room. Of course he called me soon after knowing I was the Masturbatrix he needed. He was intrigued by my passion. I always laugh though when I am asked how creative I can be. My mind has no limits when it comes to my imagination.

Right away when he called me he seemed to be a sweet gentleman. He was very polite as he said, “Hello Sarah and how are you tonight?” I replied politely back of course. He was a talkative fellow but this matters not to me. For I love to talk just as much as any of you do or I would not be good at what I do. I sensually took control of him and started to seduce him.

The one thing that truly caught him off guard was how I started to make him feel a little bit more helpless at a time. He was feeling his control slipping away into my hands. I guided him through different stroking techniques to give him numerous sensations as I took my time building him up to orgasm. This gentleman was not into hard core tease and denial.

  • Finally when I was ready to let him cum I made him stand up.
  • He took both hands and slipped his cock in between both of his hands.
  • I told him to make a sandwich.
  • Your cock is the meat and your hands are the bread.
  • Flatten the palms as you stroke your cock.
  • Now, thrust your hips like you are fucking .
  • I made him pound away while thrusting his hips.
  • His hands were squeezing his cock hard giving him total stimulation.
  • Then the magic words came.
  • I told him to cum. Let it go. Cum for your Mistress.

I had another totally satisfied gentleman who will be calling me back for guided masturbation.

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