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There is nothing like a slut who calls me up for absolute orgasm denial. It was his first time calling me although he had called other Mistresses from Cock Control. I could tell that he got off on the absolute denial while doing guided masturbation. He warned me that he would give in and start begging to be allowed to cum eventually. So, I took my time before I even let him touch his cock.

His nipples were very sensitive so he was ordered to play with them and get them extremely hard. My sexy voice made his horniness more intense with every passing moment. Rub those nipples for a very long time my pet. Since you think you’ll give in very quickly then I’m going to take my time torturing you to my heart’s content. So my pet endured about 10 minutes of nipple torture until I finally made him fiddle with his balls.

I loved hearing his moans and groans of sexual frustration. It was sexy music to my ears. I did not let him touch his cock until he was beyond desperation and into his true sub space. He confessed to me how selfish he is sexually. While he was stroking I was telling him the only way he was allowed to cum eventually was if he put his cock into a chastity device for me. I would wear his keys on a chain around my neck. The keys to his cock cage would be close to my heart and bosom. That got him going even more. Oh, I am so deliciously evil. Aren’t I?

He begged to have his cock locked up.  He begged to be used.