I am going to tell you all about a brand new group that our Head Mistress Ally has formed. She made us a group for all of our chatters at Community Kink. It is called The Kink Space.

It seems that I have acquired a few new strap on training slaves. I swear you ass sluts travel in packs. Now, the first one today was just a short call but I know I left his ass sore. He wanted me to get him on his knees and make him suck my dildo. Nope, there was no cock sucking desires from this straight male. Not all of my sluts are bi. Quit thinking like that with your naughty and perverted minds. He was begging for mercy but I still did not let him cum. Well, he did tell me to absolutely give him orgasm denial during this call. It is not my fault his wife was coming home soon. The tragedy of your naughty and pathetically left horny lives.

The other one I had tonight was someone who will be calling me back. He had never stuck his larger dildo in that is over 9 inches and almost 2 inches around in diameter. Now, that is an ass slut! He took the smaller 6 inch one with no problem but then his was ready for some more anal penetration. I ordered him to just slide it in a little at a time as he slowly wiggled it back and forth. He had to hold his cheeks open with his fingers as he slid it in more and more. I can’t tell you how hot that was with all of his moaning. He was in pain and feeling immense pleasure.

I had just started getting warmed up with his ass for about an hour then he was begging to let me make him put them both in at once. I told you that he was my ass slut. He took them both like an anal penetration trooper and loved every minute of it. Now, this guy wasn’t into giving the dildo oral but I had just as much fun. I left him without an orgasm and he promised to call me back later in the evening when I could come back later.

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