I had a brand new guided masturbation caller on Thursday Night.  Now, he sounded like a yummy and willing slave who would serve my purpose.  The poor stroker boy could not take much teasing though.  I caught him touching himself without permission though.  Naughty, Naughty!  He took his hands off of his cock for me of course.  I can tell when a man wants a take charge woman when he calls me Mistress.  That’s a sure way to tell of your desires.  I can even read the way you call me “Mistress Sarah” because there is a tone for each type of stroking pet.

The moment you call me you belong to me slave.  Listen to my instructions very carefully.  That’s excellent.  I giggled as I made him plead with me to touch his cock under my guidance.  This made him feel oh so helpless.  How pathetically sad!  ~Giggle~

I made him stroke slowly while he built up to the edge of orgasm.  He was not very skilled at holding it for long.  I took charge of him and he loved it.  He gave over complete control to me.  There were no regrets.  I edged him once, twice, and then three times.  I could red in his voice he could not take much more.  So I let him cum.

Now he asked me what he can do to become better at controlling his orgasm.  I was pleased with his interest.  It seems now I have a new stroking pet who will be trained to my hearts desire.  Before too long I will be edging him for hours, days, and even weeks.

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