Guided Masturbation is not all that difficult to understand. For some it may be a whole new world to explore. Know that when I take charge of your masturbation that you are in very capable hands. Guided Masturbation is simply masturbation under the guidance of another person that you give control to. It is a power exchange. I trust that you know what it means to give another control. It’s especially refreshing for a lot of men to let a woman take charge of him.

To devote yourself to a Goddess is pure bliss.

The seduction will begin at first with a kiss.

You taste my sweet lips and gaze into my eyes.

You are hypnotized and under my spell.

You lose control every minute that goes by.

My voice echoes in your mind over and over.

This is what happens once you step into my world.

I will get under your skin.

Call Mistress Sarah for Guided Masturbation Phone Sex Training 1-800-356-6169

Taking calls Monday through Saturday 11pm to 5am EST

An unforgettable experience

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