Since my talking about what really goes on behind the scenes on our 2 Mistress calls seems to be a theme this week I thought that I’d share a bit more.  I know that many of you know you want to do one but are too much of a pussy to do so.  I had a caller hooked on me already of course but then pulled in Mistress Trish.  He loves doing 25 edges and never gets to cum.

First off know this is a major slut and I have done several calls with him before.  He gets around a lot for his tease and denial sessions.  It does not ever take his little dick very long to get close to orgasm.  I swear as soon as the pathetic fuck starts to stroke he needs to cum.  Of course he’s made to stop over and over.  He is made to count how many edges he has had.  If he looses count he is punishes severely.  In between this I made him sing sissy songs while playing with himself.

As if Guided Masturbation was not enough for this slut but the sissy masturbation slut needed major humiliation added in to the mix.  I only allow sissies with little pricks to stroke with 2 fingers.  It’s not a real cock so you don’t deserve to touch it with your whole hand.

So then we pulled in Mistress Trish in on the call.  She made the sissy curl up into the fetal position and only hump the bed while laying on her side.  Made her sing those cute sissy songs ago.  The cutest one had to be “I feel Pretty!”  Of course I changed the words around a bit to fit the occasion.  Mistress Trish and I always have fun on every call we had.  We made her do another 20 edges.  She kept calling us back again and again.

So for that day I’d say the pathetic fuck had about 35 total edges and total orgasm denial.  How absolutely delicious!

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