Well I am back to my regular schedule my pets.  I had some technical difficulties with my blog for a bit but all is back in working order.  So I will be changing around the theme a bit more to make it spectacular once again.  I enjoy keeping it very simple.  So do not be surprised if every time you come back things look a bit different.

Did all of you miss me while I was away.  As a special treats to my pets for being such good boys by emailing me of their servitude and worship of me while I was gone I am going to do something wonderful.  This whole week I am going to offer a chance to see a special photo of yours truly.

So one of my little sluts who has a blog dedicated to Female Superiority told me about his blog during chat.  Of course he goes by Mr Smith in chat.  I inquired why he had not written about me as he claims to worship me.  I put him on the spot.  He offered to with the utmost of desire.  He passionately requested a photo that he could post along with his post.  So I sent him a special treat.  I of course covered up my nipples with the stars.  If you wish to see what my pathetic stroker boy wrote about me then you can read his blog.

CLICK HERE to find out what he wrote and to see a special photo.

He called me the next few days after I sent him that photo.  He of course wanted guided masturbation.  How pathetic he was though.  He was already insanely horny after waiting months for an opportunity to call me.   He expressed an interest in coerce d bi in chat and I preyed upon his weakness.  I literally had him begging to touch his own cock.  Since was so naughty by not waiting for permission when he called me.  When you call me sluts that cock belongs to me.  I like to switch it up with sweetness then sadistic bitch.  I switch back and forth so much then mix them together so much most of you stroker boys do not know whether you are coming or going.  Well, perhaps whether you will be allowed to cum or receive orgasm denial.  ~Evil Smirk~

I will be taking calls tonight from 11pm to 5am EST.  Now my special treat this week until Friday Night will be any of my callers who can last 30 minutes or more on a call with me will get a special photo.  You have to call.  You have to last that long without an orgasm.  I may the time frame longer I may make it shorter.  Wouldn’t that be a total mind fuck?  The photo will be topless though.  Won’t that give you something else to dream about my pets?

Call Phone Sex Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169