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So, here was this naughty slut sitting in his car stripped down to his panties awaiting my guided masturbation instructions. I could hear his heavy breathing from the excitement. His breathing became faster as I told him to rub his cock over the panties. He gasped with pleasure at how good it felt touching himself through the satin panties. He was quickly getting hornier and hornier.

I then asked him what his cock size was tucked in those panties. He told me 9 inches. I giggled uncontrollably at how cute he must look with his head popping out of those tight satin girlie panties. My pantied stroker boy begged me to call him my panty boy. He quickly got close to his first orgasm. Panty boy’s panties were soaked with jizz.

I told him, “No, you can’t cum. Slow down only to a medium pace so you can stay right on the edge. I want you to become insanely horny.”

He did of course. I could tell by his moans and groans. So, guess what happened next my pets?

His call cut off because he only did a 10 minute call. So he got a quick taste of orgasm denial.

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