I must say that when it comes to small penis humiliation the possibilities are endless. I love the ones that know it and admit it. Then there are the annoying fuckers who have to use the old a/s/l line but replace it with age/sex/penis size right when they come into a chat room. So a few nights ago I had a fucker private message me after talking about how little his 3 inch tic tac was. I kept fucking with his head telling him how cute I thought that was. I just adore a small penis. A big cock hurts me too much and will not fuck guys with the big ones. He was getting so upset that I was messing with him at how glorious a small peanut dick was. Some sluts will fall for anything.

Well, I would not be true to my sadistic nature if I gave you every ounce of humility and pain that you desire in the Erotic Chat room now would I.

Haven’t any of you ever heard that joke?

What did the Masocist say to the Sadist? “Beat me baby! Beat me!”

And the Sadist Said, “No!”

Well that pretty much sums up what a true Sadist does. Five inches or smaller is not a real cock to me. That is a little tic tac. If I want a breath mint I’ll buy the over the counter kind. I do not want to be with a man who’s penis can not go in any deeper than my own finger. Hello that is a waste of my time fluffer boy.

Yes, you heard me call you small penis fucks fluffers. If you don’t know what a fluffer is then look it up. I may not turn every small cocked wonder boy who calls me into a cock sucker. I will how ever teach you how pathetic you are. You are useless if you think I’ll let you use that cock in a manly fashion. You will how ever become useful to me when you learn your place and duty to serve me.

Once a pathetic stroker boy always a pathetic stroker boy. Be careful when you ask for me to get bitchier with you because I’ll tear your ass apart slut.

You may have been luckier to see my softer and sensual side. If you really read my blog though you will learn hard and fast how mean this Femdom can be.

Call Phone Sex Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169

For guided masturbation and small penis humiliation to my hearts content. You will be denied pathetic one.