A man who has been private messaging me off on and now for months wanting to call. He finally was able to call me the other day. He wanted guided masturbation but teased to the point of insanity. If that’s what you want then that’s what you will get.

His nipples were not sensitive so I made him play with his balls until he was good and ready to touch my cock. You heard me. Your cock is now my cock. I can tell when a man is just saying that’s my cock because that’s what I want to hear. I also know when he really means it. I had rub, squeeze, and massage his balls until he was achingly horny. He was horny beyond belief with heavy panting begging to touch “My Cock!”

I told him that he could not touch his cock. I made him write my name on it first. Then he begged more and more to touch it. I am laughing of course at his sexual frustration. He felt helpless under my power. I then ordered him to his knees and allowed him to stroke. Submission is given not taken. It did not take much to make him beg though. With each aching moment of hearing my voice he was very into my steamy hot tease and denial. Jacking off his penis fast and slow. Rubbing his balls again made him feel the aching. His sexy painful moans when he touched his blue balls.

So, would you like to know whether I denied him or let him cum?

Call me and find out yourself.

Call Phone Sex Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169

Orgasm denial makes you such a beggar!