Lurking in the deepest and darkest corners of your mind are your true desires you fear to truly express. They are filled with an erotic world of pleasure and pain. The realm of BDSM seems to bring some of that to reality but still lacking. There is just the glamor that is flashed at Fetish Parties. It seems as though most are playing dress up. The empty void is not filled as you desire. This may express the true need of a submissive man. The world is so dominated by men but you desire a world of female domination. Perhaps you feel as though the balance needs fulfilled for both men and women.

What desires do I have as a Goddess? Simply to exist freely and be able to express the Goddess that I am. I desire total control over you. I want your mind, heart, body, and soul. I have a great need to inflict pain on a submissive to satisfy my deepest and darkest sadistic desires. Perhaps it was my ability to learn at a young age that men often want what they can not have.

Sometimes you really do need to be careful what you wish for. You might just get it though. I had a slave who wanted there to be no safe word. He tried to pretend to be an obedient slave. That was until he found out how much I did know about his horny ass. He often times would forget to thank me for allowing him to have an orgasm. So my naughty stroker pet was given extreme orgasm denial with continuous hours of being kept in a state of total arousal by yours truly. Then when I untied my whimpering and begging pet he was forced into chastity.

It is obvious that nothing else has worked so Chastity Training is necessary. Maybe you do not fully comprehend my power. You lack the proper respect for your Superior.  Too many men try to pretend they are submissive and obedient when behind the scenes they are just a sneaky stroker slut.

So welcome to my reality pathetic one.  Grovel on your knees before me if you dare.  Be warned to never claim that you can handle it when you can not.  I guarantee I will take full advantage of my power.

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That’s if you dare my pathetic stroker sluts have the nerve.  How long will I make you whimper and beg before I allow you to have an orgasm?  I dare you to try and find out.