I do so enjoy hanging out in our Erotic Chat room. It gives me a chance to get to know some of our newcomers and long term regular clients of Cock Control. Last night I had yet another caller who wanted to talk to a Mean Mistress for small penis humiliation. It always amuses me when a caller finally gets to me after being on hold for awhile and says, “I want to place a call. I want to do……” Well you get the drift. Calm down and relax first off. You are speaking with me right now honey. I try to get the point across to all of you guys that I am a lady first and foremost. I am a Domina next. Small penis humiliation would be a very boring call if all I did was giggle for 20 minutes without actually knowing you. If you have seen me in chat and we have hit it off during one or more conversations then let me know who you are. That’s if you feel comfortable telling me. I will never call you out in the chat room unless that is your fetish or divine desire.

Not all of you guys with 5 to 6 inch penises want to be laughed at about your cock size. Let’s face reality people. That is actually an average sized penis. My persona and character as a Femdom will say that it’s very small. It also depends on my mood. The fact is I’d rather meet a thousand guys with small penises if you all acted like gentleman versus a bunch of guys with big fat cocks that all act like ass holes. All men come in so many different sizes and shapes just like your wonderful penises. That is what I adore about men. A guy with a 5 inch pecker can be a better fuck than a guy with a 10 inch pecker. Yes size does absolutely matter. Beyond a doubt it does. It’s the motion in the ocean also matters. So, no matter what you have use it in the best possible manner that you can. Enjoy yourself and your body. Just as I enjoy myself and my body.

If I ask you your cock size during our call then you are about to find out the truth why. Men are absolutely visual. Well, so am I. I have been a writer and a dreamer since I was very young. I was brought up to believe that the sky is not the limit. I give such great detail on guided masturbation because I’m thinking about your cock. I’m also seeing it all in my mind’s eye. Well, so to speak. Most of my callers compliment me on how quickly I completely understand them. I hold true to this strength of mine. So, humor me when I ask your cock size. It does not always mean humiliation at all. In fact it is a compliment from me. It means your moans and willingness to please me have effected me. Some of you do turn me on.

So, don’t be afraid to tell me what names you like and don’t like being called. Some guys don’t want their penis called a cock. They just like to hear the word penis. Well, it is a penis so I’ll just do that.

Remember, as my sub you will not have to worry about stress. All of your stress and worries go out the door. Don’t ever think the leash goes both ways. You do have a lot of control because I’m going to make sure you feel safe, pleased, and pushed to your orgasmic limits. That’s what Domination is all about. That is what Phone Sex is all about.

Remember this warning though. Don’t piss me off by asking me to be meaner to you then whine about it later. I will fuck your world up fuck face. You reap what you sew. Remember that my pathetic cock strokers.

So I am taking calls now until 5 am EST my pets. I look forward to speaking with many of you.

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