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All is quiet on a Saturday Night in the realm of Phone Sex Domination. This is the quiet before the storm. The phone will be ringing off of the hook soon. The sissies will come home early while their wives and girl friends are away. I’ll get a call or two from a few of my favorite sissies for a sissy training session.

Saturday Nights are usually the best nights of the week for me to play catch up on doing audios and blog writing. If you have not noticed the posts all seem to come all at once. Saturday Nights are also my night for research. I research things of course for my job which is as a Phone Sex Domme of course. I get paid to give men Guided Masturbation, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, and Feminization. Let’s not forget the men who want to just pamper me. Oh, you are twisting my arm when you call me up for body worship. It’s really tough laying back and visualizing you adoring and worshipping my body from head to toe.

It does show sometimes that I am more of a hands on Femdom. In real life I enjoy Domestic Training, Tease and Denial, Feminization, Sissy Maid Training, Inspection, Coorporal Punishment, Bondage, Chastity, CBT, and Humiliation. Body Worship does not happen with my personal slaves for quite sometime. I usually only let one slave do this and it’s always my favorite one.

As some of you may know that I am a switch how ever I only do this to be a better Domme. I also enjoy some of the same things I inflict on my collared slaves. I notice far too many collared slaves especially the women and sissies act like disprectful brats to other Dominants and Subs and that does not fly with me. In real life I would take my belt off and spank their asses raw then whore them out to those they mouthed out to for the night.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Suck my 12 inch strap on slut!

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