I promised I would write about your sissy slut ass. Didn’t I? My newest slut Kevin is a certified sissy queer. My last call I got from this little whore Kevin was back in August. The sissy cock sucking faggot was spending his summer days hanging out at the park where fags like to appropriate for blow jobs and quick anal fucks.

So now Kevin called me several days ago with more sissy faggot adventures. Kevin was in a hotel and called me very early in the morning. He calls me up at 4am and had to go to a meeting at 7am. The horny slut could not even go to sleep. The sissy slut was all dressed up thinking about the usual which was cock sucking. He’s married but spends all of his time doing what. He’s a sissy queer. What do you think? Now that the weather is getting cooler and summer is ending Kevin likes spending his spare time at the glory hole.

We all know that many straight guys say a hole is a hole. So, the masturbation been giving you the blues. Maybe you have stuck your cock into a glory hole to get a good blow job. Kevin will be down on his sissy slut knees and mouth open.

My next little whore to share with all of you today is Daniel. Daniel is doing Sissy Training and desires Forced Bi to fulfill his sissy fag dreams. So far I have gotten Daniel to go to a gas station at night all dressed up. He noticed the difference that he paid attention to his sissy queer looks because others would see him versus just dressing up at home. I can not stress enough about that. What’s the use in dressing up if no one sees you? Daniel did get a big fat dildo. He is trying to earn the right for me to refer to him as she which I do of course. I’m just stressing the he in my blog so that my readers are clear. This is a man who is a full blown cross dresser. He desires a relationship with another man. I did point out that even though he’s become more femme there is still a sexual attraction to women.

Well, now that my readers get that clear. I have also had fun because I know Daniel will be reading this. Now, you all get the picture and know what I mean when I say she. When a Sissy calls me that person is a she. I give assignments to help Daniel’s transformation in becoming more feminine. These details I will let the sissy tell you herself. This is an email she sent me to me after our session.

Miss Sarah

Thank you again for Wednesday night. I really enjoy the time I spend with you, you have truely awakened the girl inside me.

I am truly amazed at your ability to get me to cum from pure anal stimulation, especially that fact that I had a multiple orgasm (GOD Thank YOU!!). That experience left me glowing, legs and knees weak, and my heart yearning for more.

I can wait to experience everything there is in becoming a girl.

Just to update you I have posted an ad on Craigslist as you asked. I hope to have an update for you on that progress soon!

As I told you on our call I have just finished removing all the hair on my body and will go for a full body wax, legs, butt included once the hair has grown back to the proper length for waxing. The only thing that sucks about this is the fact that I will have yucky man hair all over me again.

I hope that one day you will include a bit about me on your blog, but know that we probably need to work together for a while longer before that happens.

Yours truly


Daniel had difficulty having an anal orgasm. She had tried it only once and it took along time. So I suggested that she just use her fingers. It took about 10 to 15 minutes with great success. Daniel had multiple anal orgasms. An anal orgasm is achieved by massaging or stimulating the prostate until thus prostate milking is achieved. She wants to stop touching her cock and truly let me take her where ever my training will go to.

Call Phone Sex Femdom Sarah to be trained and broken 1-800-356-6169