I ordered the worm to only glide one finger down the side of his small penis. He continued to do as I instructed. Even though I was strict with my guided masturbation the worm still starting to cum. I laughed at him to stop the orgasm. He started to whimper in agony as he was made to experience a ruined orgasm. It doesn’t take much to get this worm to ejaculate.

The real man arrived finally. He came in to see my worm whimpering kneeling naked before me. My friend Randy sat beside me and wasn’t surprised in the slightest. I told Randy to show my worm a real cock.

The worm was looking at Randy’s big fat 10 inch cock. Worm felt even smaller next to Randy. I then made the piggy boy start kissing my feet for letting him be in my presence. You have a small penis and are going to be my good little cuckold slave.

Lick and suck on each of my heels on both shoes. Take it in your mouth and suck on them like a good worm. That’s a good boy I told him. You will worship my body.

I made him stop for a moment and wanted to toy with my new pet a bit more. I told him to stroke it again slightly with a few fingers just like a clit. It did not even take a few seconds till he was ready to cum again. I let him start to cum just like before then made him stop. He was whimpering from his second ruined orgasm. It seemed as though he liked suffering for me. Ruined orgasms is what this pet needs. It’s going to take more than humiliation to break this new pet.

I then ordered my pet to be a good fluffer and get me ready for a real man. He gladly obliged as his tongue hungrily slid between my legs. Make sure I am very wet for Randy. Randy kept shoving on the back of the pig’s head digging his face in deeper into my crotch.

I then decided to really Mind Fuck my new pig. I told the worm to get dressed and leave. I had to order him again after a face slap. I want you to leave so I can fuck a real man. I am done with you for now. Before the worm left I left him with instructions not to cum until I told him to. He understood. I could see the red mark on his face from when I slapped him.

Now, I took Randy into the bedroom. I do so love a real man.

The End…For now! You don’t get to know what happens in the bedroom with Randy till another time sluts.

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I will train you and break you.