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I am the guided masturbation expert. I am the Masturbatrix. I did not just wake up one day and decide hey I want to be a Mistress. I absolutely adore men just as many of you men adore women. Not just for my job but personal pleasure I find new and exciting ways to stimulate the penis. Many newcomers to are intimidated by a Hardcore Domme. They want a more sensual touch I guess. This is quite understandable.

First and fore most think about this before you assume I am just a Hardcore Domme. If you meet me in our Erotic Chat Room then you know I am very sweet, witty, and humorous.

I am a writer. I have written many stories and poetry. Through out my adult life my writing grows as I grow of course. I am inspired by my environment and even my callers. It takes one glimmer of curiosity from a client or potential client to get my creative juices going.

So, I made an audio inspired by probably what is my One Hundred Thousandth private message and email from a new comer to our sites asking if I really can do a more sensual tease. It is understandable. You are paying $1.99 per minute and do not wish to waste neither your time or mine. I made an audio dedicated to this. Perhaps I do come on very strong. I guess being subtle when it comes to my obsession for male masturbation tends to be lacking when I make my bios. Hence, the key is that I do write my own. I am very certain that we all do. Ms Ally would not hire any of us if we did not come off as intelligent and had talent.

As you listen to this audio I want you to think about what I have said today. Then, judge for yourself. It will make your cock stand up to attention my Cock Slave.