He was a nice enough guy who liked to pamper me. So, that evening I found him attractive so I invited him in for a drink at the end of our evening date. He was not getting what he thought. You see, when I danced close to him that night I did not feel much of a bulge. I have a way of picking out the men with small penises. He was a very attractive pet who would be collared by me soon enough.

I invited him in and mentioned how his crotch did not have much of a bulge. He was shocked. I ordered him in a stern voice to show me his penis. He dropped his pants and underwear to reveal a very small penis. I busted up laughing. I asked him if it was hard. This is how small it is even when it is hard. I could not stop laughing at this pathetic excuse for a cock. Small penis humiliation is what got this guys rocks off. The more I laughed at him made him more aroused.

There was no way I was going to let him stroke that pathetic cock until he proved himself useful to me. He begged and pleaded that he would do anything for me. I busted up laughing even more at how pathetic he was. How quickly a man shows his true colors. I told him to strip down naked for me now. I grabbed the phone because I wanted to show this pathetic worm what a real man looks like.

We waited about 10 minutes while a real man was coming over. I was instructing the worm to stroke it slowly. I was certain to be strict with my guided masturbation. He was not even allowed to touch his pathetic penis yet.

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