We Americans seem to take English Slang and really misuse it. I don’t think we’ve done that in this case. Wanker merely means someone who masturbates them self. Masturbation was considered something obscene. So of course this term eventually became something insulting. I consider one who masturbates to be quite fabulous since I do so myself. I guess I was influenced by watching English Comedy growing up. So, I picked up a few English Slang that got me in trouble in my youth. I still let it pop back up once and again.

So, if someone calls you a wanker of course it just means you masturbate. Be a man about it and say that you happen to enjoy masturbation very much. Oh, to the many references and terms we use for you men to stroke your cocks. Ode, to your masturbation habits. An additional toast to those men who enjoy guided masturbation.

Wanker is a pejorative term of British origin, common in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and British-influenced territories like South Africa, and gaining usage in Canada and the United States. It initially referred to “one who masturbates” but has since become a general insult. It is synonymous with tosser and toss-pot. In parts of the UK the word ‘tosser’ and its other forms have become so widespread that it isn’t generally regarded as a swear word and is socially acceptable in general conversation.

I just finished my May I Cum assignment and do know that many of you are fond of them. I will not give away too much but do know you will all enjoy it very much. Please do not be ashamed of masturbation. Revel in the pleasure that you get from doing so. How ever, I like to own those cocks and make you write your name all over it. I love controlling your orgasm so that when I finally do let you. Ooops! More orgasm denial then for you my cock slave. Squeeze out the precum and rub it all over. Then again, I may let you cum finally and it will be an explosive one.

Wank it, yank it, stroke it, and beat it! Do not ejaculate though my cock slave.

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I will train you and break you wanker!

Wanker, I just love that word.