This was inspired by my first Cuckold experience. It was an ex of mine who had the smallest dick I have ever had the unfortunate experience of fucking. I never fucked a man will that small of a penis again. Not only did he have a small penis but he was a cocky ass hole. A man with such a little prick has no right to be cocky.

I broke up with him and started going out with his best friend. His best friend could not stand my ex. My ex obviously did not have many friends. It was just that my new boy friend was one of the few people who could tolerate him for more than 2 minutes without wanting to punch him.

My ex eventually started to beg me to come back to him. It was actually my new boy friend who was my exes best friend’s idea to cuckold him. We both used him as a fluffer while he knelt on the floor. He needed Humiliation in abundance which he received from us.

My ex got to see me in a different light. With his friend I was very wild and kinky. I was actually hungry for a man. This is something my ex never got to see. I made him eat me out and eventually suck a dick. He got to taste some Forced Bi with a nice big fat cock down his throat.

I can guess that I do not need to speak any further on this. Listen to the audios inspired by this experience.

Small Penis Cuckold Humiliation Pt. 1

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Small Penis Cuckold Humiliation Pt. 2

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Small Penis Cuckold Humiliation Pt. 3

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