I do not mind admitting my naughtier nature with all of you. How ever most forget that I am a woman first and fore most before anything else. I love to have a Sissy for a special little girl friend. The most important thing is fulfilling my desire to transform you. Most sissies just think about how girlie they want to feel. Do not forget the most important factor which is feminization. I will have us get dressed up to go out together. I love taking her shopping, going to the salon, and all of the other fun things that girls do together. I love girl talk with my little sissies. We may feel very naughty and play a bit as I giggle at her.

I have a major uniform fetish. I mean uniforms on my Sissies. I love to do sissy maid training the best out of all them. My second favorite is Catholic School Girls Uniform. I enjoy seeing my Sissy curtsy just for me as she greets me. A little sissy slut to do with what I wish.

On the phone I allow a caller to get intimate a lot quicker than I ever would in real life. In real life it is very different. If the mood strikes me I may share a true lesbian experience with a Sissy Lover. I am not talking about treating her as my slut either. I am talking about true lesbian love making. Nothing brings the woman out of a sissy more than getting in touch with something so beautiful and intimate. I very rarely share the lesbian experience with callers because it is just so special to me. I have done it though with my special favorite little sluts willing to please me.

Let’s not forget some more fun things to do with sissies. How ever you will have to come back tomorrow to find out the rest. I may even add in some coerce d bi.