I enjoy receiving private messages and emails from my stroker boys. I have had quite a few clients who took months to work up the nerve to call me. This included messages and emails the whole time in between. Now, I must be doing something right because I made them so desperately horny and infatuated with me. Those are the Naughty Boys that I like to call the tease and denial addicts. The ones who usually wait to call me to make sure we are a good match are usually intelligent and Dominant in their personal lives. I understand they are just trying to take time to think about it and are truly intimidated by me. This is a good thing though. These men usually respect my time and I hear from them once a week or every other week.

Then there is the fucking horny guided masturbation slut who wants that Mistress to be available as soon as possible to take care of his needs now. He goes through Mistress to Mistress in private messages to see who’s ready and able to take charge of his horny self. Those are just fine too. You boys are usually do 10 minute quickies to 30 minute sessions. I enjoy doing those. They are direct and to the point. You can’t beat that. Better yet, get your stroking hand ready and I’ll guide you to beat that.

Most of you just want to talk to us about your fetish before a call. You do not know that I pretty much can do any Domination Fetish there is under the Sun. I do watch in the Chat Rooms and noticed when someone asks the boys who the meanest Mistresses are guess who their answer is. They always answer the same names which are Mistress Elizabeth, Mistress Cassandra, Mistress Sarah, and Mistress Dallas. 🙂 I love how Mistress Elizabeth is always the first name that comes out of everyone’s mouth when someone asks who the Meanest Mistress is. Quite a few of my regular clients/slaves can not believe I am known as mean. Each of us have our special slutty clients who are a lot of fun to train. I have mine and know the others have theirs. Each of us have a sweet side. Do not expect to see it though unless I feel like it.

Now, I did receive a very comical email tonight that made me almost laugh myself to death. I would love to know what goes through their heads. I can’t help but share it with some of you. The email was a guy telling me how much he likes phone sex and of course he gave me his home phone number. I get about one a week. I could not stop laughing.

“Oh yes! I am a horny slut who does phone sex for a living because I can’t get enough. Me so horny! Give it to me now stud. Oh, Thank the Goddess for sending me your phone number. I’ll log out and quit taking calls right now so we can have hot and steamy phone sex.”

I didn’t respond to this email. I can’t stop giggling as I write about it though. Get your head out of your ass! When ever I get an email like this I visualize a guy who had to take his blow up doll to prom with him as a date. Yikes!

Anyhow, remember that Saturday Night I will be taking calls earlier than usual. I will be starting at 7:30pm EST. This is your chance to be my slut for the night. I have informed the other Mistresses of my plans and many of them are rearing to go. We will pass control of your cock off to each other for our amusement. I am pumped up and rearing to go.

This has been a great week. Chastity Chat is finally starting to become not only an awesome event but I have so much fun doing it. When Mistress Cassandra and I first started we both felt like we were getting our teeth pulled each week. All of you know the idiots we get into the Chat Rooms every day. We have a great group of regulars coming into our Chat Event now. I thank each of you for making it fun for us each Monday Night.

Call Phone Sex Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169 to be trained and broken.