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Now, I want to share different methods of Tease and Denial enforced by a Superior Woman. Tease and Denial is also Orgasm Denial. It is a method used in BDSM to train a submissive man and teach him control and true submission.

Tease and denial (also called “orgasm denial” or “T&D”) is a general term used to describe any technique that involves the sexual stimulation of a person to cause intense arousal without climax. It is usually practiced for the express purpose of creating powerful feelings of sexual frustration and pleasure in the person being stimulated by singly or repeatedly bringing the subject to the brink of orgasm without actually causing orgasm.

A ruined orgasm is a way of enforcing and causing further frustration for the docile male slave. The man is given hope for release and an end to his orgasm denial but only gets a ruined orgasm. A ruined orgasm is an orgasm that is allowed and stopped when ejaculation begins. This leave the man more frustrated.

A ruined orgasm is a technique, usually used by a woman (the stimulator) who is dominating a man (the stimulated), however, it can be adapted for use on women. The power of this technique allows the physical release of sexual climax while denying or minimizing the satisfaction and pleasure associated with orgasm. With men, the stimulated is stimulated to the moment that ejaculation is inevitable. Stimulation is then stopped by breaking all physical contact with the genitals the moment orgasm begins (i.e. past the “edge”). Alternatively, the stimulator may bring up decidedly non-erotic or nonsexual topics during the orgasm, inflicting non-erotic pain, or stimulating the submissive with an unpleasant smell.

You will understand that no matter what method is used for tease and denial but there are many levels of training. It depends on how far you are willing to take that as a slave and how far your Mistress will take you if you dare.

Make it clear that Tease and Denial is very enjoyable during guided masturbation. Leave the control to your Mistress and enjoy the orgasm denial for you are pleasing your Mistress.

I wanted to talk about this because if you are interested in getting more intense cock control training then Chastity may definitely be an option for you to experiment with.