As much as I love to humiliate my boy toys I still have to stop and ask once and awhile. I get very mean sometimes. It could be a small dose of conscious when I do it but doubtful.

Why do so many men enjoy to be humiliated? That is what I finally stopped to ask one of my callers one night. It was bugging the hell out of me. He seemed like such a sweet guy. So, I asked him. He told me it is honestly because he sees so many women being treated like shit now a days. It is his way to give back power. He felt as though women have the right to treat men just like they treat us ladies. He loves letting any woman take her frustrations out on him with some good clean fun. Besides, being made fun of seemed more truthful. It could be because he was a middle aged pervert who could not get laid without paying for it. He also only had a 5 inch dick.

It does make me feel good making fun of a man about anything and everything I can think of. I would never go out of my way to hurt a person’s feelings. However, tact has never been one of my better qualities.

There are different forms of Humiliation.

This can include name calling – Slut, Fuck Face, Peanut Dick, Panty Boy, Sissy, Cunt, Dumb ass, Peanut Dick, and useless are some good examples.
Being made to ask permission for daily activities.
Forced to talk about what embarrasses you in front of others.

Embarrass you physically by doing things to you or making you do them to yourself.
Forced Feminization is a very good example.
Another one of my favorites is forced Chastity.

The above references are just a few examples of physical and verbal humiliation.

My blog has not been updated as much as I would like to lately. It is sometimes easy to forget or get side tracked I guess. My life is going very well as of late and seem to forget the little things. I have had numerous compliments before about how informative and education my blog can be.

“Remember, I bite first!”