A call that really got me worked up. So, I was in one of my moods last night. Aren’t I always? So, my sweet regular caller is a naughty submissive man who really needs to be put into his place all of the time. Well, yesterday morning when he called me. He usually does so once a week sometimes twice. He asked me very politely for a regular vanilla phone sex call. I considered it. I am still in charge and he knows I am not submissive no matter what.

So then I asked him what his fantasy was about me. He thought it would be a typical office domination role play like in his fantasy. I twisted it around on him though. I let him catch me playing with myself in the office bathroom. He had all of this new naughty information on me to get me all worked up. In the role play I had not gotten laid in along time. It was pretty much involved with him kissing my beautiful ass, rubbing his cock on it, lots of fucking, and oral. He could tell he was turning me on.

I do not do that with every caller. How ever, just as some slaves can’t live as one 24/7. I, as a Mistress do not like 24/7 Domination all of the time. Why do you think I love Cuckold calls so much. My naughty, kinky, and wild side gets to come out and make him hungry for me. I do have a vanilla sex lifestyle. I am picky and they always have to be respectful towards me.

See, if that caller hadn’t stopped giving up on trying to get me to do that type of call with me he would never of found out what a pain slut I am too. I understand my slaves need for such things.

Another naughty confession of mine about why I enjoy guided masturbation so much. I am sitting in front of you dressed in something sexy. Perhaps slipping off my panties from under my skirt. Perhaps taking my fingers so you stare straight at and imagine my pussy. I may sit next to you and take your cock in my hands and give you a good hand job. My cock and don’t you ever forget it.

You want to cum you say. Sorry baby, your orgasm is denied.