I want you to remember that as obsessed with male masturbation as I am that I love controlling them even more. I take your cock in my hand and squeeze really hard reminding you who is in charge. It doesn’t take much to break a man.

Now my jack off boys, are you ready for your assignment?

Take the base of your cock and gently squeeze it between your ring and middle finger of your left hand. Lay your hand out flat like a V. The palm of your opposite hand will gently rub against the head of the penis on the side closest to you only in upward strokes. Remember to not stroke down. I want you to only rub in a upward motion by releasing the hand with each stroke As you release to go upward again you will gently tickle the sensitive area you gripped with the fingers of your other hand. The sensitivity your swollen head will feel will help with a longer masturbation assignment. Lubrication is optional for this adventure how ever it is recommended that you do not use any this time around.

Your Orgasm is denied! You have to earn it.

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